Jon’s research into product customisation has been based on the underlying principle that there is an optimum design for each athlete to maximise their satisfaction or performance. As the properties of a product are changed, the way in which the athlete interacts with the product could also change, for example their biomechanics, resulting in different performance outcomes. If this interaction can be understood, then it should be possible to:

  • Predict how a particular athlete will perform with a given product and its associated properties
  • Determine optimum product properties for a particular athlete
  • Identify how sensitive performance outcomes are to changes in product properties
  • Establish acceptable ranges for product properties
  • Design a customised product to meet specific requirements for an individual athlete

Jon’s research has studied the way in which an athlete adapts to changes in equipment properties through measurement of athlete biomechanics. Advanced statistical techniques have been employed to identify subtle differences in athlete kinetics and kinematics as properties of the equipment have been changed in a controlled manner.